La insurrección es un…

Defining an insurrection is a result of the failure of the insurrection. Trying to connect an insurrection with causes and goals is a procedure against the insurrection. At the evental site that an insurrection and its desiring production inaugurate, new fetishes are made up while repressed impulses return.

While psychiatric institutions and prisons treat oppression symptoms; while we can still afford travelling low-cost; while we make innovations in the context of green development; while we still consume in a semi-collapsed state of mind; while we take advantage of the annual membership in new age wellness centres; while as cybernetic individualities we enjoy our cocktails at an ethnic café; while we flexibly adapt in the organisational chart of the metropolis which celebrates under police surveillance…  the insurrection begins.

And we can no longer even see where it begins from.

The present series of images traces the insurrection as an event that is not representable by the symbols of any social context at the margins of which the insurrection occurs. Thus, this series refers to the evental character of the insurrection through metonymies and floating signifiers which seek new articulations.