Nomadic Library (2018-present)

MedPhoto Festival fosters a collection/library of photobooks from all over the world featuring photobook as a separate work of art and as a primary frame of reference in photography.

A wide range of artists and works are present in this collection covering different periods and styles, movements or trends, from pioneers with a special role in the history of photography to more contemporary photographers that introduce diverse aesthetic and technical views on how to deal with the medium today. The notions that are brought out in MedPhoto Festival’s exhibitions, such as those of “identity”, “intimacy” and “territory”, are also present in the books’ content, as a part of a coherent narrative concept.

Photobook is seen as a cohesive body of facts, beliefs, periods, while at the same time the procedure of its creation involves people from different disciplines, making this work a collective process that aims at audiences further than photographers. Besides, photobooks function in a totally different way comparing to pictures on the wall, because of their structure, their material and their nature of addressing each time to an individual viewer.

Having in mind the photographic/visual education of photographers, students and others who might be interested, we created a nomadic and interactive library. That is, a library that travels, lends books and presents books through internet platforms. This library is being constantly enriched and gives reasons for workshops and seminars. This collection is being circulated tο public and university libraries all over Greece, to cultural associations, institutions and book festivals, so that the public will have an immediate contact with publications and works of important photographers.

Of course, such a library also contributes to the establishing of a historical/photographic archive, which is of great interest to our perspective.


Curators: Pavlos Fysakis, Dimitris Kechris


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