Dimitris Kechris is a photographer, curator and essayist based in Athens. He studied Physics at the University of Athens and Digital Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts. In his practice, he looks for mnemic traces that underlie the formal historical narratives of modern European cities. He focuses on the relationship between technical images and the discourses which contextualise them, and he also explores the concept of the archive, perceived as a reconstruction of the past in service of a promise for the future. His photographic work has been exhibited at the Benaki Museum, the Byzantine Museum, the Greek Film Archive, the Athens Municipality Arts Center, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, the Athens University History Museum and Galeria Hexagono in Barcelona. He is the co-founder of ALDEBARAN, a platform for photography theory, and a curator for MedPhoto Festival. His writings on photography and cinema have appeared in edited volumes and peer-reviewed journals and featured in the national press. He is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece. In 2022 he was awarded the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship by ARTWORKS.





2023-present PhD candidate in Film History and Theory, Ionian University

2022 MA in Digital Arts, Athens School of Fine Arts

2011 BSc in Physics, Department of Physics, University of Athens


Exhibitions and Screenings

2023 Month of Visual Arts Practices, Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece, Athens Municipal Art Gallery, Athens

2022 FutuRetro, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens

2021 Open Studios, Platforms Project, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens

2018 New Greek Photographers, Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum, Athens

2018 In Girum Imus Nocte-Tears and Parades, Galeria Hexagono, Barcelona

2018 Dust Breeding-The Crop, Grace, Athens

2017 2017 on 1917, Athens Municipality Arts Center, Athens

2015 The Secret Rooms of Mind, Katakouzenos Foundation, Athens

2014 DIA+, Byzantine Museum, Athens

2013 Greek Fairy Tales, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Athens

2012 Solidarity Between Generations, Greek Film Archive, Athens

2012 The Athenian Underground Scene (1984-2012), C.A.M.P., Athens

2010 StudentsCultural Association, Athens University History Museum, Athens



2022 Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Artist Fellowship by ARTWORKS


Participation in Workshops

2022 ULYSSES – Seawards Workshop, Onassis Stegi and the Syrian and Greek Youth Forum

2019 Narrative and the Photograph, Workshop by Joel Sternfeld, MedPhoto Festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art of Crete

2017 Dust Breeding, Project development workshop, Athens School of Fine Arts

2010 Masterclass in film directing by Costas Gavras, 2nd Public Digital Festival


Media References

“An Unconscious Archive”, Phases Magazine, 17.05.2022

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Curatorial Work

2021 Co-curator (with Pasqua Vorgia) of the exhibition CRITICAL ARCHIVES V: The Future Is Unwritten, MedPhoto Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art, Crete

2019 Co-curator (with Pavlos Fysakis and Maria Maragkou) of the exhibition CRITICAL ARCHIVES IV: Documents, MedPhoto Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art, Crete

2018 Co-curator (with Pasqua Vorgia and Apostolos Zerdevas) of the exhibition You refuse to understand, you don’t say anything, watching me die, Co-organisation: MedPhoto Festival, Athens Photo Festival, Thessaloniki Photobiennale, ROMANTSO, Athens

2018 Co-curator (with Pavlos Fysakis, Maria Maragkou and Yorgos Karailias) of the exhibition CRITICAL ARCHIVES III: Identities, MedPhoto Festival, Museum of Contemporary Art, Crete



1. Articles in Academic Journals

D. Kechris, “Forensic Architecture, Η Δολοφονία του Παύλου Φύσσα. Μέσο, συγκείμενο, αισθητική” [Forensic Architecture, The Murder of Pavlos Fyssas. Medium, context, aesthetics], ΚΡΙΣΗ, Accepted for publication

D. Kechris, “Bertolt Brecht vs. Walter Benjamin, 2017: Μια συνάντηση της σύγχρονης τέχνης με την επαναστατική θεωρία στο έργο των Broomberg & Chanarin” [Bertolt Brecht vs. Walter Benjamin, 2017: An Encounter of Contemporary Art with Revolutionary Theory in the Work of Broomberg & Chanarin], ΟΥΤΟΠΙΑ, 138, Autumn 2021

D. Κechris, “Σημαίνοντα της υστερίας, σύγκρουση Λόγων και πολιτικές συνδηλώσεις στο Possession (1981) του Andrzej Zulawski” [Signifiers of Hysteria, Conflicts in Lacan’s Discourses, and Political Connotations in Andrej Zulawski’s Possession (1981)], Filmicon – Journal of Greek Film Studies, November 2021

2. Book Chapters

D. Kechris, “Ευρυδίκη Β.Α. 2037 (1975), του Νίκου Νικολαΐδη. Ο μύθος και η απομυθοποίηση” [Euridice BA 2037 by Nikos Nikolaidis. Myth and demythologisation], in Christos Skyllakos eds., Ελληνική κριτική και ελληνικός κινηματογράφος. Τόμος Α’  [Greek Film Criticism and Greek Cinema. Vol. 1], Athens, Greek Association of Film Critics and Egokeros Publications, 2022

D. Kechris, “Reconstructing the past as a promise for the future”, in Pavlos Fysakis and Dimitris Kechris eds. Archive: Between The Public And The Private, Athens, KOLEKTIV8, 2022

D. Kechris, “Europe – medieval, grotesque, monstrous: a symphony in B-mol.”, in Pavlos Fysakis and Dimitris Kechris eds. Europe: the faces and the territory, Athens, KOLEKTIV8, 2019

D. Kechris, “Πέφτουν οι σφαίρες σαν το χαλάζι και ο τραυματισμένος καλλιτέχνης αναστενάζει” [A Hail of Bullets], in Penelope Petsini and Dimitris Christopoulos eds. Λεξικό Λογοκρισίας στην Ελλάδα [Lexicon of Censorship in Greece], Athens, Kastaniotis Publishing House, 2018

3. Non-academic Articles

D. Kechris, “Black Audio Film Collective: Η πόλη ως πεδίο πολιτικής αντιπαράθεσης” [Black Audio Film Collective: The city as a field of political antagonism], Marginalia, 25.05.2023

D. Kechris, “Πολιτικά συμβάντα μεγάλης κλίμακας σε μια έκθεση” [An exhibition on large scale political events], TVXS, 02.12.2019

D. Kechris, “Sebastião Salgado. Μια εποχή στην Κόλαση” [Sebastião Salgado. A Season in Hell], Marginalia, 04.10.2018

D. Kechris, “Philip-Lorca di Corcia. Κατασκευάζοντας την πραγματικότητα» [Philip-Lorca di Corcia. Constructing reality], I Efimerida ton Sintakton, 22.04.2018

D. Kechris, “Προς μια πολυκειμενική ανάγνωση της φωτογραφίας” [Towards a multi-textual approach to reading images], Photographos Magazine, 01.02.2018

D. Kechris, “Documenta 14. Allan Sekula: Το σχολείο είναι εργοστάσιο” [Documenta 14. Allan Sekula: School is a factory], ALDEBARAN, 16.05.2017


Conference Presentations

D. Kechris, “Political Aesthetics of the Technical Image: Reflections on War”, Historical Materialism Conference, Athens, 20-23 April 2023


Editorial and Educational Work

2021 Co-editor (with Pavlos Fysakis) of the photobook Spyros Staveris, Chambres de Voyageurs, Athens, KOLEKTIV8, 2021

2018-present Coordinator of the Nomadic Library Project, the first travelling collection of photobooks in Greece

2011 Tutor in History of Photography, Cultural Association, University of Athens